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Denise Robinson

denise robinson

Hello, and welcome to my website.

Since relocating from Belfast to Dublin in 2018, I have discovered a new me. Starting life again and rebuilding my career in a new city has been the best move of my life. Growing up with an emotionally distant mother had influenced my choices to be with coercive, controlling, and narcissistic men. Although my journey has taken me through heartbreak and loss, it has led me to where I am now.

Soon after moving to Dublin, I established a daily inspirational blog on Facebook called Dee’s Dublin Life. This grew beyond my expectations and led to other opportunities in the capital. I appeared on First Dates Ireland, and I hosted a speed dating event that set a new Guinness World Record. I have spoken on many radio stations and have helped many people to see their true potential.

At the start of 2022, I decided to write my memoir. My first book, Still Standing, is available now on Amazon. On the first day of sales, it ranked 13th in sales in the Psychology and Emotions category. In this heartrending account of love, loss and renewed hope, I demonstrate that life can be both beautiful and cruel. My resilience and sheer determination brought me to where I am today. I am a successful and much happier person who knows how to set boundaries and recognise red flags in people. Most importantly, I have learned how to love myself.

I look forward to speaking with and motivating people who are struggling to move forward after loss or heartbreak.